PC Green Machine proudly use HOST Dry Extraction Machines. We use the HOST dry method because we believe to clean the soiling and spots you must first control the moisture. We don't "water" the carpet to get soiling and spots out.
Wetting the carpet causes the dirt to soak into the carpet backing and sometimes even the padding. This leaves dirty water & detergent in the backing where it can wick to the surface as the moisture evaporates. In some cases the detergent leaves a residue behind that attracts dirt. The combination of wicking and residue, is why carpet with traditional wet method of cleaning looks clean when wet, but dulls and sometimes even looks dirty again after it dries. Adding heat to the moisture via steam can cause breakdown of the glues that hold the fibers to the backing. This is called delamination and will shorten the lifespan of carpeting.

Our process is simple. First we vacuum and pile lift the carpet to expose and remove any hidden dry dirt. Next, we apply HOST cleaner to the soiled traffic areas and spots. The Host cleaning product is a Green Seal Certified biodegradable all natural product. Moisture is in the cleaner and equals about one teaspoon per square foot when applied and worked into the carpet. This is how we control the moisture. The HOST machine then brushes the cleaner through the carpet absorbing soil and spills instantly. The plant- based cellulose particulates act like millions of micro- sponges actricting dirt to itself during aggitation. This is essentially the same as you scrubbing your dishes with a damp sponge. After "scrubbing" the cleaner thoroughly through the carpet, we vacuum out the cleaner, leaving a clean, virtually dry carpet (any moisture in the carpet left by the cleaner is dry in minutes). Carpet is clean, dry, and left with no sticky residue.   

When cleaning with PC Green Machine, you can instantly see how clean the carpet is! What you see is what you get. Our cleaning technician will be able to see just how clean the carpet is immediately after completion. In extremely soiled carpets we may need to do a second pass with the machine and cleaner.  Many times PC Green Machine dry extraction carpet cleaning technique gets out spots other methods leave behind. Most spots do come out, especially natural tannins like: red wine, coffee, tea, and blood; however occasionally synthetic stains do not. In most cases we get all of the spot with just the Host cleaner but for tougher situations we have concentrated green spotters. In extreme cases we have non-green spotters that will do the trick. We will use every trick in our book to get all spots removed and fade any remaining stains as best we can. 

Wool, Persian, Oriental and other style area rugs and runners are treated in a similar fashion as well as the cleaning of natural stone, grout, and tile.

​PC Green Machine also does pet urine mitigation, wax removal, and gum removal. Additional charges may apply. Spots and Spills are included in PC Green Machines general cleaning rate.

With PC Green Machine you get: 

No wet carpets
Deep clean anytime of the year
Carpets ready for traffic immediately
Never any damage from shrinkage or split seams.
Spots won't wick back
No re-soiling
Product is safe, natural, nontoxic, and biodegradable
Removes mold, mildew, allergens, and dust-mites
Superior pile lifting and dry dirt removal

With our service you will get a free, no obligation pre-cleaning inspection and estimate. During our pre-cleaning inspection we check for :

Split seams, tears, rips, snags, or holes.
Texture distortion, traffic areas, stairs
Abrasion or change in luster
Dye Stains or discolorations
Spots & Spills.

Eco- Friendly, dry- extraction, carpet cleaning and Grout, stone & tile

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